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LCC was originally established in 1976 A. D. (2033 B. S.) with a sole objective of providing quality & timely construction services in the field of Civil Engineering. LCC is up-graded to category of 'A' Class Contractor in 1989 A. D. (2046 B. S.) and was subsequently converted into Private Limited in July 1994 A. D. (2051 B. S.).

LCC has been emerged as one of leading and reputed construction company in Nepal. We have been involved in the construction of large scale infrastructure projects, mainly in Buildings & Roads and also in Bridges, irrigation, water supply & sewerage management projects etc.
We have managed to achieve a remarkable success in every field of construction. LCC believes that it has played a vital role in the construction of major projects in Nepal. LCC has been very sincere about on time delivery, performance, professional standards and quality since its establishment. Our clients have appreciated the highly competitive costs, delivery, quality and efficiency of our construction works. We believe that the company has progressed significantly since its humble beginnings and our strategy is to continue to pursue our growth. We have implemented our strategy through our nationwide operations in civil engineering works with annual turnover exceeding NRs. 500.00 millions as of 2013/14.
In every aspect of its operations, the company's approach reflects a deep concern for the environment and an awareness of the importance in maintaining balance between the needs of people and society and the preservation of natural resources. LCC will continue to maintain this perspective as it contributes to the prosperity of the nation through its involvement in public and private sector projects. In each project, the success is driven by total engineering capabilities based on the systematic integration of wide-range of skills and experience, implementation of technology as well as the ability to develop and apply new technology to meet new challenges. The company strongly believes in the individual ability and teamwork of its employees at all levels.
LCC has target to achieve a turnover of NRs. 1,000.00 million by the end of 2015 A. D. We are optimistic to achieve our target with the increase in funding for large scale infrastructure projects by the government and the private sector.

"We have managed to achieve a remarkable success in every field of construction"
Lama Construction pvt ltd

Our Services

Building Construction

Road construction

Bridge Construction

The founder of LCC is Mr. J. T. LAMA. The company has successfully turned his vision into reality through his wealth of experience, management skills, total engineering capabilities and implementation of technology.
LCC ranks among the top five Construction Companies of the country today. It has acquired a fine reputation in a wide range of construction of large-scale infrastructure like buildings roads, bridges, irrigation canals and related structures, land development works, earthen dykes, all types of foundation like wells, piles, piers etc, water supply and sanitation.
Enhanced modern lifestyles depend on the development of social infrastructure. Examples include the construction of roads, water supply, good housing systems to maintain pleasant and hygienic living environments & the establishment of road networks as arteries for today's increasingly complex and rapid distribution systems.
The company possess in depth experience in executing projects in remote and inaccessible areas like Dadeldhura, Melamchi, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu etc. as well as in cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Kakarbhitta, Pokhara and so on.
The company has acquired specialization in the field of heavy earth moving in all types of soil and locations.
LCC has also undertaken appropriate maintenance and repair plans for existing structures. It continues to realize necessity of any maintenance to be undertaken for the complete projects also.
Occupational Health Safety (OHS) is the main concern of the company. The Company implements its own safety system and existing reliable practices in safety for every project. LCC has developed and introduced unique construction methods that ensure the safe and efficient completion of long-term projects through the OHS related skills and knowledge gained through completed projects.
We believe that the opportunities for the company will be endless and enormous if there is introduction of large scale infrastructure projects in the country by the government and private sector.

Our Main Services are :
1. Building & Land Development Works
2. Roads
3. Bridges
4. Irrigation Works
5. Dry Port and Airport
6. Water Supply and Sanitation
7. Hydropower Project

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